ecoCoating - Coating of the future

With our coating process, we offer a solution for reducing particulate matter to meet the requirements of the Euro 7 standard.

Emission-reduced brake discs thanks to ecoCoating

To meet the future planned Euro 7 standard in 2025, a reduction in non-combustion emissions is required 7mg/km/vehicle (PM 10 according to WLTP brake).

Step by step to the low-emission brake disc


of emissions reduced


of wear reduced


Reliability ensured

1. High quality machining before coating

Our ecoCoating process begins with conventional machining of the brake disc. Here, we use a 100 percent in-line measurement to ensure that each of our cast products meets Fritz Winter's high quality standards.

2. The LMD coating process

In our LMD (Laser Metal Deposition) process developed in-house, the brake pads are processed with an innovative coating system. The coating is applied by laser deposition welding and thus drastically reduces fine dust emissions. By adding suitable carbides, we also reduce wear. The associated matrix material also prevents self-corrosion of the friction surfaces.

3. The finishing touch to the finished size

To achieve the finished size of the previously machined brake discs, we grind the friction surface. At the same time, the cast product receives its shiny surface. This appearance makes our LMD coating visually distinctive.

4. Highest quality in every process step

In order to provide our customers with familiar Fritz Winter quality, we continuously test our products - even during the ecoCoating process. After grinding, we check the quality of the brake letters by means of 100 percent axial run-out and DTV measurements before applying the coating.

5. Durability due to the LMD coating

The LMD coating effectively protects the friction surface against wear and self-corrosion. To ensure the resulting increased service life of the brake disc, an LTP (Long Term Protection) layer is applied to the remaining areas in addition to the LMD coating.


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